Speaking & Workshops

Speaking & Workshops

“I support executive women on the edge of burnout to restore their health and return to high-performance.”

Whether it’s through my keynotes, workshops or masterclasses, I share the practical tools and strategies from over a decade working with Olympic athletes, to enhance the health and performance of professional women so they can continue performing, leading and achieving in their careers with renewed purpose, energy and confidence. Without the burnout.

I am renowned for my enthusiasm, authenticity, and honesty about health, the reality of living in burnout, and what it takes to be the high-performing corporate athletes in business and life.

“I’m on a mission to help women perform, lead and achieve their performance potential through optimal health.”

The topics I speak on are a unique fusion of my origins as a performance scientist working with the top Olympic athletes in the world, my passion for women’s health and performance longevity, and my personal experience of a debilitating burnout and the long road to recovery. Having suffered such an incapacitating illness, I am passionate about preventing other women going down the same path by helping them build self-awareness, recognise the signs of chronic stress and burnout, and take targeted action.

My personalised and interactive approach ensures that every woman leaves the session equipped with the practical tools and strategies required to make immediate change in their daily habits, behaviours, and lifestyles. Today, not tomorrow. Because what we do today, influences our tomorrow.

Key topics include:

Powering Peak Performance for Women Leaders
(Half-Day Workshop)

Body Science Strategies For Burnout Prevention in Women Leaders
(60 min Keynote)

Health is Wealth: How to Maximise Your Performance Span
(60 min Keynote)

Body Science Strategies For Burnout Prevention
(90 min Masterclass)

Praise from my corporate clients:

“A session with some truly helpful and easy tips on how to start to manage your own stress to prevent burnout, and identify the signs of stress in those around you.”

“Great insights on ways to recognise and manage stress and balance work and life.”

“Very valuable, useful strategies and reflective!”

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