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About Me

I’m Dr Kellie Rose.

I help executive women who are on the brink of burnout to restore their health and return to high-performance.

I’m a performance scientist, executive health coach, and speaker, and I help executive women on the brink of burnout to restore their health and return to high performance. In a former life, I worked with Olympic athletes across Australia and Europe. It’s where I honed my passion for health and performance, BUT it’s also where I neglected my own health and ended up a burned out wreck.

Yes, I’ve been there, and I want to prevent YOU from going there too.

I founded Dr Kellie Rose so that I could utilise my 17 years’ experience and the tools and strategies from elite sport, to improve your health, prevent burnout and enable you to perform, lead, and succeed in your career.

I have a Doctor of Philosophy and Bachelor degrees in Exercise Science, and a Mental Health First Aid certification. You can be sure everything I share with you is grounded in science!

I’m excited to connect with you! If you love what I’m about then please tag your girlfriends and share my page so we can all start thriving together! 

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